U.N.I. Training 8 Week Fitness Workshop

We have teamed with with U.N.I. Training to provide a 8 week fitness workshop, or fitness bootcamp if you will, that wont leave you hanging or confused.

The most common reason individuals do not hit their health and fitness goals is because lack of knowledge when it comes to their own bodies and what they need. Crash diets leave your body in depletion, meaning that once you go back to normal habits, you experience the yo-yo effect. Instead of using a cookie cutter training program, or a fad-diet plan, we will work with you to figure out what your body needs for your goals, and help create better daily habits for the future.

This program will take you on a health journey in order to educate you to make better fitness and food choices in the future.

This 8 week workshop includes:

  • 3 group meetings to ensure support, accountability and education
  • Customized fitness plan
  • Custom macro recommendations
  • A guide to better overall health

Additionally, we will be providing the option of:

  • U.N.I. Training gym membership ($100 for 8 weeks)
  • Nutrition Consult with meal plan to cook yourself ($200)
  • Prepared meals according to your macros for Monday – Friday ($145 or $210 / week)

In order to join the challenge, we need to start with a quick questionnaire to determine what lifestyle you currently have. From there, we will classify you into one of the following categories: caveman, athlete, and office worker. These will be your guide to following your macros.

Take the questionnaire!

If there are any ailments and you do not “pass” the questionnaire, our nutritionists from U.N.I. Training will reach out to you to determine what the best course of action will be.