8 Weeks to O.W.N. Up! : The Executive

Our program concentrates on teaching participants how to make better choices and enable long term changes to aid in a longer health journey. 8 Weeks to O.W.N. Up! is not a regular fitness challenge, because we categorize participants to be in their ideal diet category. One size doesn’t fit all, especially for health!

We have classified you as: The Executive

If you fall within this category, you should look to include a minimum of two vegetables at each meal and make this a priority as your carbohydrate source.

No refine carbohydrates (no white pasta, rice, potatoes, sugary foods. No sugar or dairy.)

Stick to low glycemic whole fruits (no fruit juices or dried fruits). Recommended apples, berries and clementines. Limit to two servings a day.

Lean protein sources at all meals: Chicken, turkey, fish, tempeh, eggs

Move more. Increase your current daily steps by a 1,000 steps a day each week.

Take a walk at lunch. Take the stairs.
Look to introduce an exercise program in your weekly schedule.


We will help you make the right lifestyle changes, to learn about what foods fuel you, and what exercise to do and when. All of these will optimize your energy and recovery to make a lasting change – long after the eight weeks are up.
Our team’s goal is to educate you while fuelling you with healthy food that tastes good so at the end of the eight weeks you feel what optimized wellness and nutrition truly is.

Note that the cost of the challenge is $99 + your weekly meal subscription. The first payment is your sign up fee and 1st week of food paid up front. Additionally, you can choose to purchase extra services.

WE WILL BE PAUSING ALL SECOND PAYMENTS FOR PARTICIPANTS UNTIL AUGUST 19TH. Your next payment will be charged to your card on Wednesday August 19th at 2pm for delivery on Sunday August 23rd. 

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Note that all sign up fees include the payment of your first week of food. There are 7 subsequent payments that will be debited to your card through the 8-week program.
There are no cancellations or refunds for the 8 weeks once the sign up has finished (August 12th 2020 1230pm)

Changes made to subscriptions can be for:

  • Adding a service or product
  • Changing your delivery address (must be done by Thursday 7pm for Sunday’s delivery)

Meal choices will be done online via a form we send to you weekly. If you do not send your choices by order deadline (Wednesday 1230pm), we will choose for you, with your category in mind. Please include any food allergies or restrictions in your order notes in order to help us make the right choices.