Our Story

The brain behind La Comida MTL is chef Nathalie Des Rosiers who trained at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. After culinary school she worked in Europe for 5 years alongside some of the best chefs in the world at Noma, The Fat Duck, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Arpege, etc. While working in England, Chef Nathalie was even involved in a banquet for the Queen of England at Windsor Palace, though this was not her only experience with the Royal Family. Upon returning to Canada, Chef Nathalie taught Prince William and Kate Middleton how to cook during their Royal Visit to Montreal. Additionally, Chef Nathalie competed in cooking competitions, such as the San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition, and more notably, Chopped Canada. Apart from her culinary training, Chef Nathalie has studied food anthropology and is knowledgeable in all aspects of foodways and nutrition. This vast repertoire of knowledge and experience allows La Comida MTL to offer gourmet healthy meal prep plans to Montreal foodies who want to eat healthier foods and are unwilling to give up flavour and fun! 


The beginning

La Comida MTL was launched in 2016 as a pop-up restaurant to serve Montreal some amazing latino street food thanks to chef Nathalie’s latin influence from Montreal’s very own Tapas24. Due to high demand from our clients, and other Montreal restaurateurs deeming us the “best Montreal street food around”, La Comida MTL began by developing a line of hot sauces, and grew to include meal preparation services. La Comida MTL concentrates on the meal prep plans because this is where Chef Nathalie fuzes her passion for gourmet food with her personal interests of healthy lifestyle choices and fitness. At La Comida MTL we believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle, or dieting, can and should be delicious. We offer gourmet meal prep that is delicious and healthy, with the nutrition breakdown of every meal, and formulated for an active lifestyle, on a budget.

What our customers love

What our customers love most about the meal prep plans is how delicious eating healthy can be. Many have tried meal prep planning before and found it repetitive, tiresome, and time consuming doing it on their own. By ordering a meal prep plan from La Comida MTL, you save the time and hassle of grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking, portioning, and calorie counting while still having piece of mind that you’re eating healthy and delicious foods! La Comida MTL we prides itself on creating gourmet health conscious and delicious foods with high quality ingredients, delivering them along side excellent service. All you’ve gotta do is order and heat the food! 

What sets La Comida MTL apart from the rest

Though meal prep means but the weekly preparation of meals for at least a couple days worth of food, we take it much more seriously than just that. It should nourish your body instead of be a caloric means to an end. Yes calories are mainly what food is, but dont you care where they come from?

At La Comida MTL we pride ourselves that our food is:

  • Made from whole foods
  • No use of processed foods and nor preservatives
  • Always filled with lean protein and vegetables
  • Never filled with empty carbs
  • Always made from fresh high quality ingredients
  • Delivered right to your door!